N.A.T. Network Automotive Triveneto

A network of companies able to deliver a turnkey product, starting from product development and engineering, prototyping, mold design and production, surface finishing validation up to final production and assembly of plastic, metal or carbon fiber products. The networks main strength is “highly aesthetically interior trim” parts.  We have many different technologies like robotized painting, aluminium anodizingin-mold or insert decoration and the “Heat and Cool” injection molding process which are very suitable to ensure a very high quality level.

The client will have one main supplier who will be responsible for the development of the product. This will optimize the development process and reduce many development, quality and logistics problems for the final client. Working in a network will reduce the complexity of the product development of multi technology parts. The production process will be optimized due to the interaction between the partner companies during the development stage of the parts and this will therefor guarantee the lead times and quality of the product. The partner companies of NAT work together as “risk bearing partners“. All companies involved a project will therefor work together as if they were one company.

KVE Group

The KvE group and R.I.C. collaboration goes way back in time. KvE is a group specialized in the development and production of components and engineering for high technology sectors like aerospace, defense and medical. The KvE group has all certifications needed to work in these industry sectors.
Our main collaboration is on compression molding for both thermoset as thermoplastic resin systems. In collaboration we develop and produce parts for the sectors in which KvE operates. Specifically R.I.C. does the pre-engineering pre-engineering, tooling and production and KvE follows and certifies the full project including engineering, tests and validation.
This collaboration works very well and allows both companies to deliver a service at a very high level of technology which would not be possible by working alone. All this in favor of our customers.