Press Molding

Press molding is a technology which consents the production of carbon fiber shell components. The press molding technology is has low production cycle times and is therefor suitable for mass production. The technology is highly repeatable combined with a constant product quality. The typical production cycle times are between 10 and 20 minutes. Typical curing times for shells with a 1 to 2 mm thickness are 5-10 minutes. Using

multi cavity molds the effective production cycle time can be reduced to a couple of minutes, making mass production possible.
One of our latest developments in for our press molding technique is the combination of prepregs with a thermoplastic decorative film ( in-mold decoration). Due to the combination of these materials we are able to make products having a high surface quality without the need of a coating and integrate a surface decoration on the product. The properties of the thermoplastic film makes the parts suitable for thermoplastic over-injection in which the interfaces of the different materials are welded together. The thermoplastic film will also increase the impact resistance  of the parts.