FORMAT final conference

On May 14th R.I.C. Srl, as a representative of the NAT network ( Network Automotive Triveneto ) has held a presentation at the final conference of “FORTMAT” which was held at the politecnico of Milan.  FORMAT ( Forecast and Roadmapping for manufacturing technologies ) is the result of a funded research program setup by  Engineer Gaetano Cascini in collaboration with Whirlpool represented by Mr. Pierluigi Petrali. Format in effect is a new way of predicting the future concerning product development. It combines well known methods like Triz, Delphi in such a way that forcasting becomes available for small and medium sized companies.

NAT has been choosen to act as a case study so a study has been excecuted concerning automotive interior trim. In the beginning all of this seemed abracadabra to us and major scepticism ruled. Ones started however we realized that this method has shown that it can put numbers where we had intuitions. by learning this method, our way of collecting data and our perception of the market we are aiming for changed. We started to change the way we analyze the information we receive from fairs, magazines or clients and at the end we actually had clear information usefull in understanding how to invest in future technologies.

For more information please follow the link to the official Format website

Sandro Feltrin